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By Marie-Theres Albert, Birgitta Ringbeck

Because the adoption of the realm history conference in 1972, the concept that cultural and typical historical past have to be secure and correctly applied has won reputation. over the years, despite the fact that, such usage suggestions have been much less all for principles of sustainability and have become more and more encouraged through advertisement pursuits. This booklet discusses those advancements and indicates capability suggestions so as to take care of such accidental developments.

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52 then stipulates that “the Convention is not intended to ensure the protection of all properties of great interest, importance or value, but only a select list of the most outstanding of these from an international viewpoint”. Furthermore: “Nominations presented to the Committee shall demonstrate the full commitment of the State Party to preserve the heritage concerned, within its means.  53). The World Heritage Committee considers a property to be of Outstanding Universal Value if it satisfies one or several of the following criteria.

Criterion (ii): The artistic and architectural remains of Bamiyan Valley, an important Buddhist centre on the Silk Road, are an exceptional testimony to the interchange of Indian, Hellenistic, Roman and Sasanian influences as the basis for the development of a particular artistic expression in the Gandharan school. To this can be added the Islamic influence in a later period. Criterion (iii): The Bamiyan Valley bears an exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition in the Central Asian region, which has disappeared.

Discussions held during various expert meetings on this issue have not resulted in any revisions being made to the Guidelines concerning World Heritage Convention implementation. This applies particularly to the contributions of representative experts such as Jukka Jokilehto and Herb Stovel. 3 Mandatory criteria: authenticity and integrity 27 2008).  21). and he recommended – in the light of the precise requirements to demonstrate the criteria for stipulating authenticity and integrity – that “types” also be delineated in line with those applied to natural heritage.

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