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By Paul Nation

4000 crucial English phrases is a six-book sequence that's designed to target sensible high-frequency phrases to augment the vocabulary of newbies from excessive commencing to increase degrees. The sequence offers numerous phrases that disguise a wide percent of the phrases that may be present in many spoken or written texts. hence, after learning those goal phrases, newbies can be capable of absolutely comprehend vocabulary goods once they come upon them in written and spoken form.
Each unit provides 20 phrases that are outlined and utilized in pattern sentences. The actions within the books are designed to offer the phrases in numerous makes use of in order that freshmen can absolutely see how they are often applied. additionally on the finish of every unit there's a tale whch comprises the unit's aim phrases to offer rookies extra examples of the phrases in use. each one point appropriately prepares the learner for the following which steadily demanding situations the learner with extra refined vocabulary and tales.

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Pirates are very scary characters. publication [pAblakeijan] n. A publication is something printed, like a newspaper or book. -* She’s been a subscriber to that pub lica tio n fo r over ten years. riddle [ndi] n. A riddle is a question that is d ifficu lt to answer but meant to be funny. -* I could n ot answer Wendy’s riddle, but it made me laugh. rot [rot] v. When something rots, it slowly gets softer and is destroyed. -» The old log began to ro t in the forest. r] v. To scare means to cause one to feel frightened.

He had to leave now; it was urgent. vanish CvseniJ] V. To vanish is to go away suddenly. — A ll the passengers vanished from the train station. W a g O n [waegan] n. A wagon is a cart you use to carry heavy things. He used his wagon to carry some o f his gifts. wrinkle [rirjkai] n. A wrinkle is a line on a person’ s face that happens as they get old. -» My grandfather has some wrinkles on his face. Choose the right word for the given definition. 1. 2. not having any hair a. bald b. urgent c.

There is an absence o f sand in the hourglass. aloud [alaud] adv. If you say som ething aloud, you say it so that others can hear you. -* My father often reads stories aloud to me and my sister. bald [bo:ld] adj. If someone is bald, they have no hair. -+ M y oldest brother is bald. blanket [blseokit] n. A blanket is a piece o f cloth that you use to keep warm or to sit upon. -* I la id a blanket on the g round so that we could have a picnic. creep Nip] v. To creep is to move quietly and slowly.

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