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The advanced international of making an investment in bonds is simplified for state-of-the-art youngster. From what bonds are to how they're suffering from fiscal adjustments is unique with concrete examples from the teen's international.

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A single bond will pay you a certain amount of interest. Several smaller bonds will pay you different rates. indd 41 5/15/13 4:34 PM CHAPTER 5 One of the best ways to lessen your overall risk is by buying numerous smaller bonds that will mature at different times. This strategy is called laddering. and some may pay more than others. Your overall chance of earning more money is greater with laddering, though. Another benefit to laddering is that it keeps more of your money liquid. If you need cash, you will be able to redeem a smaller bond without losing as much interest.

Http://www. htm Wild, Russell. Bond Investing for Dummies. , 2007. 0. Every effort has been made to locate all copyright holders of material used in this book. If any errors or omissions have occurred, corrections will be made in future editions of the book. indd 47 5/15/13 4:34 PM About the AUTHOR Tammy Gagne has authored more than seventy-five books for both adults and children over the last decade. She has been investing for twice this time. In addition to managing her own portfolio, she has taught her teenage son about the details of his investments, enabling him to make some of his own decisions in this area.

Like municipal bonds, the best credit rating for corporate bonds is AAA. From there, ratings go down to AA, A, BBB, BB, B, CCC, CC, and C. A rating of BB or lower is said to be below investment grade, or risky. Due to the current state of the economy, very few corporate bonds have a rating of AAA at the moment. An AA rating is still very good, though. Of course, a great credit rating isn’t a guarantee. Even big companies that have done well for years go out of business on a regular basis. Investing in corporate bonds is a lot like investing in the stock market.

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