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By Katharine Kerr

The realm of Deverry: an tricky tapestry of destiny, prior lives, and unfathomable magic. With A Time Of Exile, Katharine Kerr opens new territory within the Deverry Saga, exploring the historical past of the Elcyion Lacar, the elves who inhabit the rustic west of Deverry. it truly is years because the half-elven Lord Rhodry took the throne of Aberwyn. whilst Rhodry's misplaced lover, Jill-now a strong wizard-comes to Aberyn and tells him it is time he permitted his elven history, Rhodry faces the main tricky number of his lifestyles. yet with Jill's aid and that of a human wizard named Aderyn who has lived for years within the westlands, Rhodry starts off to appreciate how his lifestyles is attached not only to his personal humans, yet to the Elcyion Lacar in addition. eventually, future starts off to solve its secrets and techniques, revealing Aderyn's actual goal one of the elves-and the god' deeper layout in the back of Rhodry's twin background.

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Makes a man nervous, it does, wondering what the lasses see in a bunch of foreigners. Huh. ” Aderyn smiled in bare politeness while Wenlyn sucked his teeth and sighed for the folly of lasses. “Tell me, good sir,” Aderyn said at last. ” “Oh, no doubt, but what do you want to do that for? If you do, be cursed careful of your mule and horse. They might take a fancy to them, like. ” “My thanks. I’ll be leaving on the morrow, then. ” Wenlyn stared at him as if he were daft, then left Aderyn to finish his meal in peace.

Driven by fear of the Eldidd lords, they eked out a miserable living on land so poor that no one else wanted it. Although Aderyn would have preferred to eat his own food and spare theirs, Wargal insisted that he join him and his wife in their dinner of goat’s-milk cheese and thin cracker bread. “I’m surprised you don’t have your winter crops in yet,” Aderyn remarked. “Well, we won’t be here to harvest them. We had a long council a few days ago, and we’re going to move north. The cursed Blue-eyes get closer every day.

Suddenly he laughed. ” “Well, the herbman is curious enough to come with you on his own. ” “I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that. ” “Flying? ” “Ah, you’re only an apprentice, then. ” Halaberiel spoke so matter-of-factly that the implication was unmistakable. Could this Nananna fly? Did all the dweomermasters of the Westfolk have a power that was only a wistful dream for those of the human sort? Aderyn’s heart started pounding in sheer greed. If Halaberiel had somehow changed his mind and tried to keep Aderyn away, he would have had a nasty fight on his hands.

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