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"An self sustaining advisor, Hubbard (business management, Oxford U.) explains why half all makes an attempt to obtain a company, or merge companies, fail. Then she explores the psychology concerned, describes a approach for buying, and provides 5 case reviews within which the names and different information of either the corporations and other people were replaced. The part on psychology quite discusses the response of staff whose technique of livelihood have simply been obtained and sold."—Book information, Inc.

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Most acquirers overlook the importance of the group on the individual employee. As seen above, the vast majority of employees are highly concerned about the weIl-being of their group members, both formal and Why Emplayees Act the Way They Da 29 informal. Employees will very carefully assess how the acquirer treats their fellow employees. Callous or unfair treatment, especially during redundancy, can send shockwaves through the entire group in a very negative manner by turning those not directly affected against the acquirer.

There are certain behavioural characteristics which are often seen after acquisition in both the target employees and the acquiring employees. First, as discussed above, concerns regarding job security, roles, friends, one's status and the company culture run high during acquisition. Another trait which arises is the usage of a 'them and us' comparison at any opportunity pointing out any marked differences between the target and the acquirer, their employees, procedures and culture. One manager acquired by Global (Chapter 9) described this behaviour: My boss was tremendously supportive but there were people I worked with who for the first eighteen months, and when it suited them and they thought they could get away with it, would have no hesitation in saying I didn'tknow this or wasn't doing it right because I wasn't 'one ofthem'.

THE PROCESS OF PRE-ACQUISITION PLANNING Pre-acquisition planning is a grossly undervalued yet fundamental element of acquisition success. In fact, the nature of its importance lies in the fact 47 48 Acquisition that it serves as the foundation for acquisition communication and implementation. Its success is important for several reasons: 1. Pre-acquisition planning can greatly simplify the communication and post-acquisition implementation process. In fact, the last stage of preacquisition planning, the acquisition blueprint, serves as the post-acquisition plan.

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