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By Atsunobu Ichikawa; Katsuhisa Furuta; International Federation of Automatic Control. Technical Committee on Control Education

The implementation of powerful keep an eye on structures will help to accomplish quite a lot of advantages, now not least when it comes to actual cost-savings. schooling performs an important position in making sure persevered good fortune and its value is definitely well-known by means of IFAC with a in particular detailed technical committee during this quarter. This useful ebook brings jointly the result of foreign study and adventure within the newest regulate schooling recommendations, as offered on the latest symposium. info on target curricula is gifted, in addition to teachware, together with software program and laboratory experimental appparatus.

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J Finite Element Method, the CAI series No. 2, JSME, Tokyo, in Japanese. , and Mizuno, T. j Mechatronics and Control, the CAI series No. 3, JSME, Tokyo, in Japanese. hi, T. and Okada, Y. ] Vibration Isolation System by means of Zero-Power Magnetic Levitation, Proc. of the 5th Electromagnetics Symposium, JSME, Hitachi, 1 993-6, p. 133, in Japanese. , et. ] Dynamics of Me­ chanical Systems, the CAI series No. 1 , JSME, Tokyo, in Japanese. 36 Copyright (gl IFAC Advances in Control Education. Tokyo.

Ti REAL1. Operation of state feedback control Pole assignment to state feedback control Design of optimum regulator Operation of full-order observer Regulator control using reduced-order observer Servo control using reduced-order observer I I v xI -2 i : i T I ME 8 ! [ LIH l ! 14 The step response of zero-power system Figure 1 1 indicates the result of simulation of tht> 3rd order system and its observer control. The program &lso includes the control of real object; 14. , 1 993). ( 1 ) * Regulator control using reduced-order owrver * (2) * Servo control using reduced-order observer 11 (3) 11 Repetitive control and regulator feedback 11 4 Considerations The series of CAI program have been developed and com­ mercially available from JSME.

Y. Nishimura, T. Shimomura and S. Kawarabayashi ( 1 987) . A Practical Approach to LQ design and its application to en­ gine control. Proc. FA G World Congress, pp. 253-258, Munich . Fujii, T. ( 1993) . Design of tracking sys­ tems with LQ optimality and quadratic stability. Proc. FA G World Congress, pp. 479-486, Sydney. 28 Copyright © IFAC Advances in Control Education, Tokyo. Japan. 60, JAPA N Abstract: This tape demonstrates t h e effectiveness o f nonlinear control theory, b y showing its application to path tracking control of articulated vehicles.

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