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By Lars Valerian Ahlfors, Lipman Bers

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In this move they continue their concept of the conduit, similar to Raymond Williams’s notion of structures of feeling. For Clandinin and Connelly the conduit is a transmission structure that supports the institutional structure and through which we are able to create and maintain our stories. These stories are central to narrative inquiry methodology as it is through stories we can communicate our attitudes and feelings regarding our professional identity, and have teachers view their place within the professional landscape.

Instead of becoming concerned with the dualism of fluid versus solid, Deleuze and Guattari saw this very tension as characteristic of what a concept is and does, reaching beyond the dogmatic pluralism of post-modernism and extending into the poststructuralist arena in a purposeful and previously unimagined way. In What is Philosophy? (1994) Deleuze and Guattari seek to outline what concepts are, what they do, how they are created and how they operate. They claim that concepts are created as potential solutions to problems and are found as a point of historical conflict, or at the ‘junction of problems’ (1994).

Seeking out expressions of desire in fictional narratives allows, as Ricoeur suggests, a focus on how desire motivates language. Teacher text narratives therefore should be considered as a communication of various and varying desires. Part of this analysis has focused on how various narratives demonstrate desire in relation to the benefits and deficits of the teaching profession. Certain expressions of desire amongst these texts have been identified as being regularly repeated. Six regularly expressed desires have been identified as being promoted by the texts.

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