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Content material:
Chapter One advent (pages 1–24):
Chapter Geometry of a Vertical Aerial photo (pages 25–43):
Chapter 3 rules of Stereoscopic imaginative and prescient (pages 44–67):
Chapter 4 Scale of a Vertical Aerial photo (pages 68–85):
Chapter 5 Horizontal Measurements—Distance, Bearings, and parts (pages 86–104):
Chapter Six Vertical Measurements (pages 105–130):
Chapter Seven Acquisition of Aerial images (pages 131–157):
Chapter 8 Orthophotography (pages 159–172):
Chapter 9 Map Projections, Grid Networks, and keep watch over (pages 173–187):
Chapter Ten the worldwide Positioning procedure (pages 188–210):
Chapter 11 The move of aspect (pages 211–232):
Chapter Twelve Geographic info structures (pages 233–242):
Chapter 13 Small layout Aerial Imagery (pages 243–255):
Chapter Fourteen motion pictures, Filters, and The Photographic approach (pages 256–279):
Chapter Fifteen rules and methods of Aerial snapshot Interpretation (pages 280–305):
Chapter 16 Landforms and Drainage styles (pages 306–326):
Chapter Seventeen Geology, Soils, and Engineering purposes (pages 327–352):
Chapter Eighteen Land?Use making plans (pages 353–369):
Chapter Nineteen Environmental tracking (pages 370–385):
Chapter Twenty extra themes in traditional assets administration (pages 386–404):
Chapter Twentry?One Forestry (pages 405–427):
Chapter Twenty?Two effortless records and Sampling thoughts (pages 429–459):
Chapter Twenty?Three Mapping Accuracy evaluation (pages 460–474):
Chapter Twenty?Four Aerial picture Mensuration (pages 475–501):
Chapter Twenty?Five An instance picture bushes Cruise (pages 502–520):
Chapter Twenty?Six extra features of Electromagnetic strength (pages 522–533):
Chapter Twenty?Seven Radar and Lidar—Active distant Sensors (pages 534–558):
Chapter Twenty?Eight Scanning distant Sensors (pages 559–579):

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Current technology falls short of being a viable alternative to film for storage purposes. However, it is only a matter of time before a practical solution will be found for storing and processing the vast number of pixels required for digital images (Warner et al. 1996). 18 Introduction 3. Resolution: At present, film has far better resolution than solid-state detectors. The gap is closing, but the resolution of digital images will probably never equal that of photographs. 4. Silver halides versus pixels: Silver halides are of random sizes and shapes, whereas pixels are always uniform (square, rectangular, and sometimes octagonal).

This square represents the area photographed by a perfectly vertical aerial photo. At approximately the same scale, draw the relative area covered if the photo had been a low oblique and a high oblique. 2. Fill in the blanks or select the correct word or words in the brackets: (a) The focal length of a camera lens is the distance between the and when focused at infinity. axis of a single aerial photo passes through the [corner, (b) The side] fiducial marks that most nearly parallel the line of flight.

Unfortunately, this information is frequently cut off and discarded when the photos are trimmed. It is always good practice to request that this information (the header) not be trimmed. 3) are imaged at the corners and/or midway between the corners of each photo. 16. Their purpose is to enable the photogrammetrist or photo interpreter to locate the geometric center of the photo. 6 UNITS OF MEASURE When the first edition of this book was published in 1981, the United States was shifting from the English to the metric system of measurement.

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