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In a single of the main unique books of past due antiquity, Philoponus argues for the Christian view that topic should be created through God out of not anything. It wishes no previous topic for its construction. while, Philoponus transforms Aristotle's perception of top subject as an incorporeal 'something - i do know now not what' that serves because the final topic for receiving extension and features. to the contrary, says Philoponus, the last word topic is extension. it truly is three-d extension with its distinctive dimensions and any features unspecified. additionally, such extension is the defining attribute of physique. accordingly, thus far from being incorporeal, it truly is physique, and in addition to being major topic, it truly is shape - the shape that constitutes physique. This makes use of, yet fullyyt disrupts, Aristotle's conceptual equipment. ultimately, in Aristotle's scheme of different types, this extension isn't really to be categorized less than the second one class of volume, yet below the 1st class of substance as a considerable volume. This quantity includes an English translation of Philoponus' statement, specified notes and creation, and a bibliography.

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That is all [I have to say] on these topics. There are countless other subjects on which it could be shown that Plato was wide of the truth; but, so as not to prolong this digression, even what we have said is sufficient to prove that not everything that Plato says hits the mark. 4. So what is there to be surprised at if in the matters currently before us for discussion as well there should be two conflicting positions, one of which hits the mark and the other of which does not? ) But, Proclus, who claims to be a teacher of the truth, accepts that it is true that the cosmos is a god and tries to prove from this that it has not come to be.

It would first have to be separated from the substrate in which it is, and [only] then appear in another, and it is impossible for enmattered forms to be separated from their own substrates and survive. And so their moving from one substrate to another is not even a possibility. 142 It would have to leave its own substrate, I mean the fire, and then the fire would no longer be hot, or not as hot, since its heat, or part of it, would be leaving it and entering the air as its substrate. So what should we conclude?

So nor is the resolution of forms into simpler [elements]. Can it then be the case that enmattered forms return to some totality of their own when their substrates perish? This too is manifestly impossible. In the first place, it was shown even by earlier thinkers (hoi arkhaioteroi) that there is not some totality of souls out Chapter 9, Section 11 39 of which our souls emerge by being separated off. The result of that would be that, through being cut off from their totality, they would be partible rather than without parts themselves.

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