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By Vivian Vande Velde

Fourteen-year-old Susan (or, as she prefers to be known as, Sybil) has been attempting to reinvent herself ever because the mysterious disappearance of her older sister, Alison. existence has been very complicated considering the fact that Alison left. Susan’s mom has develop into overly protecting, scared of wasting one other baby. Her new tuition isn't all undesirable, in fact, however it is assorted and difficult. Her ally, Connie, has what can be a incredible inspiration — or even it has the makings of a catastrophe: in the event that they join the varsity play, they may prove with dates for the freshman dance. Readers will empathize with Susan’s try and make feel of her burdened international, the lack of her sister, a brand new university, turmoil at domestic, and the starting to be pains of formative years. yet Susan, regardless of all, continues to be shiny, humorous, and self conscious with the aid of a brand new and intelligently supportive stepfather and a full of life workforce of college associates. the tale is plausible and touching and distinctive via the narrator’s voice.

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She knows I havent had breakfast; Ive only just this minute finished my hair. No time, I tell her, but shes already heading toward the kitchen. At least take an apple with you, she calls back. OK, I call, finally getting the door open and running across the front yard. I know her tricks. Shes trying to fatten me up so no boy in his right mind would look at me. She thinks this will keep me safe. It worked for a couple months after Alison left, when I was depressed: Here, Susan, have a doughnut. Here, Susan, ice cream will make you feel better.

I think, Why is SHE here? and I feel a bubble of resentment, because if shes here, shell be better at it than I am, because shes better at everything. And I actually have to remind myself that I should be happy to see her, but by then the girl has turned around enough that I can see its not Alison after all, no matter how I feel. I sit down fast, in any aisle seat, before Connie can wonder why I stopped so suddenly. Uh-oh! Connie says. Look who just walked in. For one awful moment Im convinced by her tone that it has to be my mother, here to check up on me, but when I look up, I see Mary Amber DeFranco.

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