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He said he was relieved that the recent "unpleasantness" was over. It was very important that he 56 ALL HONORABLE MEN and his friends should pick up where they had left off and build for the future. Now that we had the records of his deposits into "Sonderkonto S," I wanted to get him back for a longer talk.

Stoneware was at that time the only type of equipment that could resist the corrosive action of the important heavy chemicals. Many American chemical plants were eventually HARE AND HOUNDS 53 shut down for lack of this stoneware. For the duration of World War I, it kept piling up in warehouses leased by von Papen's cloaks. After World War I the law firm of Albert & Westrick was very busy with the program of American loans to build up Germany. Beginning in October 1924, when American investors advanced $110,000,000 of the original $200,000,000 international loan under the Dawes Plan, a stream of private loans to German governmental organizations, public utilities, banks and industries had poured in American money from private sources at the average rate of over a quarter of a billion dollars a year, until the American crash of 1929.

28 ALL HONORABLE MEN President Roosevelt had said a few months earlier that defeat of the Nazi armies would have to be followed by complete eradication of the weapons of economic warfare. After World War I there had been the same "never-again" resolves; and we had already witnessed a complete cycle ending in failure. Before we left the United States, the Economic Warfare Section prepared a report which analyzed the errors of the occupation after the other World War, and showed the measures that Germany had used to defeat the occupation and to play the Allies one against the other.

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