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By Dennis Schoeneborn

Powerfully pushed via the paintings of consulting corporations, the presentation softwear Microsoft PowerPoint is more and more used on all degrees of commercial and academic communique. however, slidewear ranks amoung the least explored media in verbal exchange experiences. This learn investigates the function of PowerPoint in organizational verbal exchange, quite by way of a sensible problem among its program for documentation in preference to presentation reasons. This booklet is a necessary reference for lecturers within the social sciences, specially media and communique reports, in addition to practitioners in company communique and data administration.

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This author shares the view that not everything generated by research should be meaningful to everybody. It is perfectly legitimate for research to conduct discourses of its own. This is, however, not the point. If research is to have a social function it must at some point come into grips with the thoughts and actions of other people. Let us, then, presume that the streams of words generated by research aim at something which it to be meaningful at the same time as it is to be new. Taking the arguments of Skjervheim as a point of departure - arguments which have been further elaborated by others, not least Habermas (1984/1987)- it turns out that it is not so easy to he original and meaningful at the same time: "Streams of words" must occur in some language or other, consequently the researcher always exists "inside" the framework of a specific language.

A further set of problems emerges out of the point that there is, legally speaking, often different occupational groups present in one and the same workplace. , but they can not have a different work environment. In one and the same office one group can not settle for a temperature of 19 degrees Centigrade and another for 22. Work environment raises problems of co-ordination and mutual adjustment beyond what is commonly considered in the agreement system. To these examples of problems and difficulties more could be added.

An interpretation is also something which pertains to language which is, as mentioned above, nothing but a se~es of rules about when it is appropriate to use certain signs which in themse'{ves are arbitrary. Interpretation is nothing but the mapping of the rules which decide the application of the concept which is being interpreted. A "new interpretation" can easily be meaningless, since it implies a break with existing language rules. Now, one should clearly not draw these arguments to the extreme.

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