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By H.W. Magoun, L. Marshall

A historical past of the way neural, behavioural and communicative subdisciplines coalesced in neuroscience to create a promising method of knowing the relation of brain to mind. It chronicles the growth of popular centres of study and the advance of leading edge equipment and ideas.

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If one envisages neuroscience as a pyramid, with the extra mole- lar disciplines forming the bottom and the extra integrative d- ciplines located above, then neuropsychology truly will be close to the top. Neuropsychology seeks to discover order within the final fabricated from all neural structures, specifically habit, and to narrate that product to its neural substrate.

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They were wrong. , p. 128). In his cool critique, Flourens twice made reference to François Leuret’s “fine work on the convolutions of the brain”, entitled The Comparative Anatomy of the Nervous System (Leuret & Gratiolet, 1839). In his elegant monograph, Leuret, dissatisfied with Gall’s and Spurzheim’s simplistic observations, concentrated his attack on the localization of sex in the cerebellum by using objective, quantitative data and initiated a study of the influence of sex on development of the cerebellum in horses.

76. His successor, James W. Papez, noted in a detailed report on Wilder’s brain 4 years after his death: He was a man of strong convictions, and for whatever claimed his interest his enthusiasm knew no bounds. In his lectures on physiology and hygiene he advocated the exercise of all functions … with moderation … . In his speech and composition, he strove for clearness, consistency, correctness, conciseness, and completeness. These he called his five C’s. He placed clearness first (Papez, 1929, p.

Bowditch of Harvard issued invitations to the organizational meeting in New York City, 1887, where his influence and prestige helped promote membership in the new society. Weir Mitchell’s rising reputation as a neurologist was enhanced in part by his publication of Injuries of Nerves and Their Consequences (1872) based on studies undertaken at Turner’s Lane Hospital at Philadelphia during the Civil War (see p. 20). 13 At the initial meeting of the American Neurological Association in New York in 1875, Weir Mitchell was unanimously elected president, but declined.

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