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Meanwhile the northern 'carpetbaggers' swarmed across the land like an army of ghouls; other northerners came to help the cause of black equality. Alongside them, for twelve years, the Federal army stood watch. The south had suffered defeat; the north had been confirmed in its invincibility. Abroad, the Union victory caused a considerable increase in the respect shown for American ideals and institutions. To some observers,. Appomattox was as much a victory for American constitutional and political arrangements - especially for the democratic spirit that underlay them- as it was for northern ar:ms.

Also of importance in precipitating war, was British complicity in stiffening Indian resistance in the Ohio valley. In July 1810, two years before war came, William Henry Harrison, governor of Indiana territory, had cautioned the Shawnee, 'Do not think that the red coats can protect you; they are not able to protect themselves. They do not think of going to war with us. If they did, you would in a few moons see our flag wave over all the forts of Canada .... ' 10 To this, Chief Tecumseh replied, 'Brother, ...

To the English, it was the 'French disease'; to the French, it was the 'Neapolitan disease'; to the Italians, it was the 'Spanish disease'; to the Spaniards, it was the 'American disease'. Whatever its origin venereal disease has remained a curse on the European house from that day to Prologue: Origins 17 this. To the New World, the European (quite apart from the diseases introduced by the Africans) brought what proved to be the scourges of smallpox, influenza, tuberculosis and diphtheria. Finally, a warning about the New World that has a modern ring: It is the New World, formerly our slave, peopled for the most part by our own emigrants, that will come in turn to enslave us.

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