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Книга An Illustrated background of the united states An Illustrated background of the united states Книги Исторические Автор: Bryn O'Callaghan Формат: pdf Размер: 49,7 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Иллюстрированная история США начиная с первых колонистов и до 90-х годов XX века.

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Then th e Am eri can s were vcry luc k y. [11 1803 N ap oleo n was ab out to go to WJ r w ith Britain an d n eed ed m O llC Y. For fifteen m illion dollars he sol d Lo uisian a to the United States. " \Vc have liv ed lo ng but this is th e noblest work o f our whole lives ," said o ne of th e Am erican repr esen tat ives who signed the agreement . Lo uisian a st retc hed north fro m the Gulf of M exico to the Canadian b o rder and wes t fro m the Mississipp i to 40 the Rocky M ountain s. Its pur ch ase alm ost do ubled the lan d area o f the United Stares.

New Yo rk . Here she worked to hel p children and old people. using the profits she earned from her autobiography to pay for her w ork. When she died in 1913, she had already become a legend. 49 - - 12 - - THE CIVI L WAR On March 4, 1~61. Abraha m Lincol n took th e oath ofoffi ce as President of the United States. Less than a mo m h ha d passed si nce rhc fo rmatio n ofthe Confederacy. In his inaugural address as President. Lincoln appealed to th e southe rn states to stay in th e Un io n . H e promised that he would no t inte rfere w ith slavery in any ofthcm.

A law of1 787 called th e N o rt hw est O rdinance said that th e Amerindians ' " lands and property shall never be taken fro m thcm wi tho ut their consent; and in their property, rights and libert y they never shall be invaded o r disturbed. " By 1817 President j ames Monroe was writing rhar their hunting w ay o fJife "requires a g rea ter extent o f terrirory th an is co m patible w ith the prog ress of civilized life and must yield to it. If the Indian trib es do no t aband o n tha t sta te and beco m e civilized th ey will decline and become e xtinct.

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