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M. Connell, a teacher in Aberdeen. Daniel Dewar had co-authored a Gaelic/English dictionary published in 1839. He had been asked to offer a testimonial for Connell’s work, which he duly gave in December of 1856. What would be more natural than to invite the new Professor of Natural Philosophy to discus the book’s contents? We shall never know, but when he died Clerk Maxwell had in his scientific library of over 400 titles,74 well populated with French and German texts, just one book in Gaelic: Connell’s treatise on Gaelic Astronomy.

Maxwell mapped these variables onto a plane triangle, using the constraint that the sum of the variables always adds to a constant (Fig. 6). So was born the Maxwell colour triangle, used for quantifying the measurement of colour in terms of a mixture of three primaries. The CIE chromaticity diagram, the basis of all modern colourimetry work and colour standards, is essentially this same diagram using transformed coordinates. Maxwell’s first paper on colour that he wrote at Aberdeen described extensive experimental testing of the linear model of the three-colour mixing hypothesis, going as far as he could.

2b The commemorative plaque of 1956 on 129 Union Street, which should read ‘. . he was Professor of Natural Philosophy at Marischal College and University’. maxwell at aberdeen | 19 corresponding chairs in Glasgow and Edinburgh in their twenties and both stayed in their posts for their academic life. Maxwell might well have been anticipating the same prospect, though he did know in 1856 that proposals were afoot to merge the two universities in Aberdeen. If that issue worried him, it does not come through in any correspondence.

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